Ignite In Depth: New Azure Virtual Network Manager Public Preview for virtualizationreview.com

My (slightly delayed, waiting for Ignite) post on Azure Virtual Network Manager for virtualizationreview.com is live. This a new way to manage large numbers of virtual networks in Azure, released in public preview at Ignite this week. Read it here.

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Azure Sentinel in the Real World for virtualizationreview.com

My July post for virtualizationreview.com is now live. This time I look at the real world deployment of Azure Sentinel on a shoestring budget for one of my clients, lessons learned, and tips and tricks.

Read it here.

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How Microsoft 365 Defender Integrates Security Services for virtualizationreview.com

My June 2021 column for virtualizationreview.com was slightly delayed but is now published here.

In this article I look at Microsoft 365 Defender and how it ties together the different Defender solutions.

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Azure Spreads its Wings at Build for Virtualizationreview.com

My latest monthly column for virtualizationreview.com was just published here.

I cover the announcement of Azure App service now being available (in preview) to run on any Kubernetes cluster, the great strides made in Confidential Computing plus a few other interesting new features.

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