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I was interviewed by Erik Blum over at itsmDaily.com about my history in IT and my job as an IT teacher. Read it here.

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I had the great good fortune to interview Carol Wapshere at this year’s TechEd. Carol is unusual in that she’s a woman, working in IT (there are far too few of them) and even more unusual because she’s stayed in technical roles most of her career, instead of moving into management as many IT Pros and developers do as their career matures. We talked about Forefront Identity Manager and identity in IT in general as well as looked at why there are so few women in IT. Read it here.

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The third of my four interviews I did at TechEd Australia is now live at 4sysops, read it here. Jeff and I discuss tablets and Windows 8, DevOps or the merging of Developers and IT Professionals and this years TechEd in general.

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Another one of my interviews at TechEd Australia 2012 is now live at 4sysops. This time I talk to Ben Armstrong about Hyper-V, VMware and how it feels to finally be leading the game, rather than following. Read it here.

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The first of my interviews from TechEd 2012 is now live at 4sysops. I talk to Scott Schnoll, an excellent presenter and very knowledgeable about Exchange – read it here.

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