Azure Usage and Billing Portal for 4Sysops

Here’s another post that was published a while ago on 4Sysops. This time I looked at a “hobby project” from a couple of people in the Azure engineering team. This is a study in deploying a “complex” piece of software in Azure but the end result is a PowerBI dashboard to track usage and billing across multiple subscriptions. Find it here.

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Azure Active Directory and Cloud App Discovery for 4Sysops

Continuing my long running series on Azure at 4sysops, this time I look at Azure Active Directory, synchronising it with your on-premises Active Directory and the benefits it offers, as well as the Azure service Cloud App Discovery. This service (CAD?) inventories the cloud services in use in your network (commonly called Shadow IT) to help IT departments to actually know what’s happening instead of guessing. Read it here.

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Azure for 4Sysops – How to connect virtual networks – Site to Site & ExpressRoute

Rounding off the Azure networking pieces is a post on Site to Site VPN networking between on-premises and Azure, along with a look at ExpressRoute on 4sysops. Read it here

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Azure for 4Sysops – How to connect virtual networks – Point to Site

Part two of my series on Azure has been published over at 4sysops, this time I cover connecting your on-premises networks to your Azure virtual network – starting with Point to Site. Read it here.

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