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The first part of two of my look at Hyper-V Replica is now online at I look at the basics of it, how to configure it and which scenarios it’s appropriate in. Read it here.

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My third post in my regular column for looks at the recently released Technical Preview 5 (apparently feature complete) and what’s coming in Hyper-V. Read it here.

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The second and last part of my look at OMS for is online here. In this part I look at Solutions (formerly known as Intelligence Packs), alerts, custom dashboards, performance monitoring and PowerBI integration as well as list of resources.

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Part 1 of my look at OMS for is now online here. I cover what OMS is, how to set up a workspace, how to connect data sources and the free mobile app.


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This is actually pretty cool. I’ve been writing for for quite a few years now but recently the editor offered me a regular column. My first post is already up, read it here.

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At Ignite in Australia I had the good fortune to interview Ben Armstrong, principal program manager on the Hyper-V team again (it must be the fourth time now :-)). We discussed a lot of different features that are coming in the next version of Hyper-V. Find part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here and part 4 here. Here is part 5 and part 6 is here. This concludes the whole series.

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My hand-on, performance based, testing of Chelsio RDMA 2 x 10 Gbps and 2 x 40 Gbps NICs article is now live on Read it here.

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Following on from my first part on last month, the second part has just been published. This time I’m looking at how the fictional company JABB Systems International start setting up VMs in Azure IaaS, set up a Domain Controller in Azure, migrate LOB systems and backup. Read it here.

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I’ve done a couple of in-depth technical article looking at Azure for These are available here, here, here and here.

Recently published is part 1 of a new series that looks at Azure (with all the changes since those first articles were written incorporated) from a “real world” perspective. I take a fictitious company on their journey to a hybrid cloud, applying the technologies to their business problems. Part 1 covers setting up a virtual network, linking it to on-premises, how to think about administrative delegation and so forth. Read it here.

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My article on what’s coming in Hyper-V in Windows Server vNext has now been published over at Read it here.

I cover the new production checkpoints, the new configuration file formats, mixed versions in Hyper-V clusters, Windows update delivering integration services updates, along with secure boot for Linux VMs and hot adding memory and NICs to running VMs.

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