Column for – A Look at Security in the Microsoft Cloud, Part 2: Azure Deployments

This is the final recently published article that I’m catching up on, this is the second column for, covering security features that you can use in Azure. Read it here.

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Azure Confidential Computing for 4Sysops

I’m catching up on articles of mine that have been published over the last month. First up is a piece over at 4sysops on Azure Confidential Computing. This is really cool technology, using Intel Processors with enclaves where you can run code and decrypt data that no other process on the machine has access to. It’s early days but ACC is going to change how we do secure computing.

Read it here.

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Column for–A first look at Ultra SSD

My latest column (and the last one for the year) is now live at Here I look at the new storage option in Azure, currently in private preview where you can get up to 160 000 IOPS and 2 Gb/s throughput from a single disk for IaaS VMs. And you can scale the performance up and down for the disk based on your needs. It’s early days but very interesting – keen to see this service expand over the next few months. Read it here.

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Column for – Azure news from Ignite

My latest column for is now live. Here I look at the new and improved services announced for Azure at Ignite last month. I cover security improvements (where the Office Secure Score gains a sibling in Azure Secure Score), the new Ultra SSD option, Virtual WAN and Azure Firewall. Read it here.

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Column for – Tips & Tricks To Secure and Optimize Azure VMs

In this month’s column for I round off the three part series with a look at IaaS VM security, how to access VMs, how to optimize networking and how to use Security Center with your IaaS deployments.  Read it here.

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Column for – Optimizing VMs in Azure

In my column for for last month I dig deeper into IaaS VMs in Azure and cover things such as picking the right VM size, how to deploy multiple VMs, setting up storage the right way, and managing disk encryption the right way. Read it here.

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