Microsoft Cloud App Security for

Cloud App Security brokers are a quickly growing area in information security. Microsoft’s Cloud App Security has a large market share and is very powerful. This article for covers what MCAS is, the different flavours it comes in and what you can do with it.

Read it here.

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Column for – A Look at Azure Confidential Computing

Back in early February my first monthly column over at was published. In this one I review Azure Confidential Computing, how it works and what the benefits may be in the future. Read it here.

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Column for – Beyond IaaS with Microsoft Azure

My latest monthly column is now live at In the article, which builds on the three previous IaaS in Azure posts I look at how to move to the cloud but not just lifting and shifting VMs. Adding PaaS services for databases, web sites, backup etc. is a better way of adopting cloud. Read it here.

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Migrating from the cloud for 4Sysops

There’s a trend today – my articles are being published online! I think today is the most I’ve ever had, three in one day.

Anyway, I’ve got an article up at 4sysops, this one deals with a project I did recently for a client, migrating them from Office 365 / Exchange Online back to an Exchange 2013 on-premises server. Read it here.

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Cover Story for virtualizationreview print edition–Azure overview

My newest article is the cover story for’s printed edition.

The article is also online, find it here.

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PS I forgot to cover Cosmos DB in the article – a global, hyperscale database for any application with five different convergence models for distributed data.

Interview with Ben Armstrong at Ignite Australia 2017 for 4Sysops

Finally my interview with Ben Armstrong at this year’s Ignite here in Australia has been published over at 4sysops– I’ve just been to busy to edit the transcript. We talk about Hyper-V, Azure, Storage Spaces Direct and a lot of other stuff. Find it here.

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Azure Active Directory and Cloud App Discovery for 4Sysops

Continuing my long running series on Azure at 4sysops, this time I look at Azure Active Directory, synchronising it with your on-premises Active Directory and the benefits it offers, as well as the Azure service Cloud App Discovery. This service (CAD?) inventories the cloud services in use in your network (commonly called Shadow IT) to help IT departments to actually know what’s happening instead of guessing. Read it here.

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