Column for – Beyond IaaS with Microsoft Azure

My latest monthly column is now live at In the article, which builds on the three previous IaaS in Azure posts I look at how to move to the cloud but not just lifting and shifting VMs. Adding PaaS services for databases, web sites, backup etc. is a better way of adopting cloud. Read it here.

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Column for – Tips & Tricks To Secure and Optimize Azure VMs

In this month’s column for I round off the three part series with a look at IaaS VM security, how to access VMs, how to optimize networking and how to use Security Center with your IaaS deployments.  Read it here.

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Column for – Optimizing VMs in Azure

In my column for for last month I dig deeper into IaaS VMs in Azure and cover things such as picking the right VM size, how to deploy multiple VMs, setting up storage the right way, and managing disk encryption the right way. Read it here.

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A sort-of article of mine is live on

A long while ago (2010) I wrote a series of posts for on Hyper-V performance monitoring. By chance I found that some of that material had ended up on a blog over at I contacted them and they did the right thing – restoring my faith in humanity. Apparently a guest blogger (that they no longer work with) had done it and they didn’t know.

Anyway, they’ve attached my name and bio to the post, which you can read here. Original 4Sysops series starts here.

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