M365 Records Management Guide for Altaro

Another recent post for Altaro went live on Christmas day.

This one covers Records Management in Microsoft 365, understanding the data you have (in the cloud and on-premises), the amount of sensitive data you have, how to protect it with Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention and Retention policies.

Finally you can see where Records Management comes into the picture and how to use it to manage particular types of documents in your organization (signed contracts, completed product specifications and the like).

Read it here.

Enjoy. And thanks for reading.

Cross Region Restore CRR for VMs for Altaro

In the lead up to Christmas I had a couple of my blog posts go live over at Altaro.com.

The first one covers Cross Region Restore (CRR) for VMs that you back up in one Azure region and you can then restore in another region (for testing purposes or in case of an outage). Previously you had to wait for Microsoft to declare an outage in the primary region before you could do the restore.

Read it here.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading.