Column for – What Microsoft Azure Stack Is and Isn’t

My April 2018 column on Azure Stack is now live at I sat the 70-537 exam on Azure Stack some weeks ago and in studying for that I realised that Azure Stack was a very different solution than the previous version, Azure Pack.

This article explains those differences, as well as the differences between Azure Public and Azure Stack – read it here.

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What’s new in Azure networking for 4sysops

Following on from my post on the very useful service endpoints in Azure my new post about networking in Azure and what’s new from Ignite 2017 and since then is now online at 4sysops. I cover virtual network (vNet) peering, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack protection, network security groups (NSGs), Accelerated Networking, and point-to-site (P2S) VPN enhancements. Read it here.

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Troubleshooting access to an Azure VM that is not starting for 4Sysops

Another post on Azure for 4Sysops has been live for a little bit now. In this article I look at how to troubleshoot access to both Linux and Windows VMs in Azure if you’re having trouble connecting to them, or want to find out who did what to them. Read it here.

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