System Center Roadmap session at Tech Ed

Reporting directly from Tech Ed, sitting in a session covering the System Center roadmap. Opalis 6.3 looks really cool, I’ll have to do a review of it as soon as possible.

But the most interesting product of the day is System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), vNext, currently in beta. Just now they’re talking about the agent on the client computer making sure that applications that should be on the client PC will be automatically be reinstalled if a user uninstalls something that shouldn’t be touched. It’s the Desired Configuration Management (DCM) set feature, new in vNext.

And there’s a Management Pack (MP) coming for Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 for Azure, the message being that Systems Center can be used to manage both on premise and cloud infrastructure.

They’re talking about the future of Data centers where is it comes as an IT Pac, essentially a container with 1000 to 1500 servers (not blades), cooled with air flow but not air conditioning. Put the container on gravel, attach power, water (“just a garden hose”) and data cabling. Done. Look at  an image of one here

Thanks for reading.

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