Really looking forward to Tech Ed Australia

I’m really looking forward to Tech Ed next week – mainly because I’ll meet and interview some really interesting and smart people such as Michael Kleef, Ben Armstrong, Jason Buffington and Scott Schnoll. There’s also a lunch hosted by Women in IT which should be interesting.

I’ll keep updating here as I attend session and learn new things.

Thanks for reading.

And my review of four backup applications is online at Redmondmag

Have a look here

The article is also mentioned at Jason Buffington’s excellent blog at

Enjoy reading the article!

Welcome to my blog

I’ve been writing about IT, mainly focused on Microsoft’s server technologies for over seven years now. These articles have been published in magazines and online (APC, zdnet, Redmond magazine, Technet magazine) but I’ve finally decided it’s time to have my own place where I don’t have to fit in with anyone else’s limitations. Expect to find information about small business IT topics, server and networking technologies and other cool technologies. I love IT, I love teaching and here at I intend to combine the two. Thanks for reading.