Azure Resource Manager Policies for 4Sysops

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is a very important part of how to deploy and manage cloud resources in Azure going forward. I covered ARM here. Recently, Microsoft added ARM policies, a way to control where (which region), what type (VM, WebApp, Databases etc.), enforcing naming conventions and requiring deployments to have specific tags attached for tracking. It’s pretty cool, check it out here.

Enjoy! And thanks so much for reading.

Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS) vs. Data Protection Manager (DPM) for 4Sysops

Recently Microsoft really upped their game in cloud backup with the new MABS server. Previously, you could only backup volumes to Azure, no application backup, no VM awareness etc. By taking System Center Data Protection Manager and cutting out some features, there’s all of a sudden a very good backup tool for both on-premises and cloud backup. The only catch is that, unlike with DPM, even if you only backup to local disk with MABS, you pay per backed up server, per month. Read it here.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading.

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