Ignite Australia 2017 Content

Here you’ll find all System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2016 related content to my session I presented at Ignite 2017 on the Gold Coast.

Here’s the recording of my session: https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Ignite/Australia-2017/INF335

There are two sections of videos, the first one has the “setup” videos, all the steps I took to get a guarded fabric / shielded VMs up and running plus the steps for using Windows Server 2016 SDN with VMM 2016.

The second section is my demo videos from the presentation with voice narration.

At the end I also have all the resource links from my deck: to sessions at Ignite 2017 Australia, recordings of sessions at Ignite US 2016, links to various parts of the VMM documentation, SDN troubleshooting links etc.

Configuring a Guarded Fabric and Shielded VMs in WS and VMM 2016

Configuring VMM 2016 for Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Demo 1 – Configuring a Nano Server Hyper-V host in VMM

Demo 2 – Configuring a Nano Server VM in VMM

Demo 3 – Bare Metal Deployment on to four Dell R 730xd servers

Demo 4 – Configuring a storage QoS policy in VMM

Demo 5 – Creating a Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) cluster in VMM

Demo 6 – Deploying a shielded VM in VMM


Resource Links

Related Ignite AU Sessions – Recordings:

INF 212 Deploy, configure, and remotely manage Nano Server – Ben Armstrong (Tue 14:30)

INF 325 Hybrid Networking: SDN features in Windows 2016 & Azure Networking (Wed 15:30)

INF 326 Tomorrow: Azure Stack. Today: Azure Pack – Daniel Apps (Wed 17:00)

INF 231 What’s new in Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V – Ben Armstrong (Thu 8:15)

INF 436 A deep dive into Storage Spaces Direct – Stephane Budo (Thu 17:00)

Related Ignite US Sessions – Recordings:

BRK3166 Manage your software-defined datacenter using System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager

BRK3314 Build and operate a software-defined datacentre

BRK3122 Microsegment and secure your networks with the Azure inspired Software Defined Networking

BRK3188 Dig into cloud networking performance, monitoring, and diagnostics

BRK2169 Explore Windows Server 2016 Software Defined Datacenter

BRK2167 Enterprise-grade Building Blocks for Windows Server 2016 SDDC: Partner Offers

VMM 2016 resources

Update Rollup 2 for System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager (24/1)

Perform a rolling upgrade of a Hyper-V host cluster to Windows Server 2016 in VMM

Deploy & Manage Nano server-based Hyper-V hosts or VMs in VMM

Manage Storage Spaces Direct in VMM

Scenario – Deploy guarded hosts and shielded virtual machines in VMM

Tools for creating answer files etc.


Manage Storage Replica in VMM


Set up a Software Defined Network (SDN) infrastructure in the VMM fabric


Step by Step screen videos on Deploying HGS, Shielded Fabric, Shielding data files, creating a Nano server host/VM VHDX, setting up SDN etc.


Troubleshooting SDN


Triage – Summarize the problem and collect data; narrow down failure component

Root-Cause – Analyze the data to determine specific reason for failure

Fix – Update configuration

Monitor – Use SCOM


In-box Diagnostic Cmdlets

GitHub diagnostic scripts

Traces https://github.com/Microsoft/SDN/tree/master/Diagnostics

Troubleshooting Guidance on TechNet:


Nano server image builder


Microsoft Virtual Academy Shielded VM / Guarded Fabric deployment video




7 thoughts on “Ignite Australia 2017 Content”

  1. Your videos look to be exactly what I have been looking for and you did a great job at ignite, but the videos above do not seem to be valid any longer. Can someone check the validity of the content please?

    1. Hi Garry,
      Thanks for the good feedback on my Ignite session. What do you mean by the videos do not seem to be valid any longer? If you mean that the content is out of date because of updates to how it’s done I suspect there are some minor changes but overall the content is still valid.


      1. Paul,
        My apologies I should have been more specific. They will not play and even if you try and download them they fail so I just assumed the links were broken. I have tried both IE and chrome just for good measure and neither browser will play. 🙂

        Also thank you for the quick response

  2. Great Content and exactly what I was looking for while studying for the 70-247: Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud exam. The narrative was great, to the point, and without a lot of non-sensical jokes (cough…cough… Powershell videos). Keep us posted on new videos that you’re creating/releasing soon. Thanks Paul !!!

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