I believe in Santa

I was going to write a post about my wishes for IT Technology in 2011. One of my main wishes was tools and technologies to link Microsoft Virtual Machines to the cloud and transfer them there. But before I got around to writing that post, Santa responded. Turns out Microsoft are way ahead of me and are making a couple of very interesting tools.

Windows Azure Connect allows you to connect your computers to machines running in Microsoft’s cloud. As cool as that technology is, it’s impact pales in comparison to Microsoft Server Application Virtualization which essentially is App-V for servers. This is in some ways the last piece of the puzzle because it allows you to decouple the application from the underlying OS. So now you can move a server application from VM to VM without “reinstalling”. This is the way of the future and lays the ground work for the ultimate “IT on tap”. Any app can run on any server and be moved around at will.

There, Santa did deliver.

What else was I going to wish for? Oh just a cool tablet that didn’t run iOS but a real productivity OS. Oh well, maybe next year…..


Thanks for reading and have a Great Christmas and New Year!