Softline Questions

Questions from Softline for Q and A session.

There are cases that customer only purchased 10 E5 licenses -> but features such as O365 ATP or Cloud App Security are available for all users -> is It a bug or something similar from Microsoft?

It depends – sometimes all the wiring to make sure that the right service is only available to the right users isn’t complete in Office 365. Sometimes having a few users have the right licenses and that “unlocks” the feature for others as well. 


There are new features coming to Office 365 ATP such as Threat tracker and Explorers, can you please give us a demo?

Sure I can. 


Can you demo Azure Information Protection, when shares internal documents to external recipients, which denied external recipients to fwd emails or attachments to another?

Sure 🙂

What is the different between Office MFA and Azure MFA? Can you give comparison chart?

Office MFA only protects the office applications, “full” Azure MFA protects all applications, including applications published through AAD and on-premises applications published through the AAD proxy. 


Many of M365 customers is looking for Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, but seems Oracle, IBM and One Identity is better than Microsoft’s? Can we make us of M365 components to provide IAM?

BIG question :-). Lots to unpack here and it very much depends on what the business needs and what you mean by IAM. 


Besides Office 365 ATP, there are alternatives from Symantec, Kaspersky, TrendMicro… which we should recommend to customers and why? How about 2 layers of defense (combine Microsoft and alternatives)?

I think Microsoft has been playing catch up with Windows Defender ATP (Now Microsoft Defender ATP for a few years) but I think ATP is a solid offering now. I wouldn’t touch Symantec (OPM), Kaspersky has political issues, TrendMicro is OK. I have used ESET for many years, happy with that.

Two layers is an interesting approach – I think closer integration between your security products is more valuable than “best of breed”. 

Many features of Intune are replacing on-premise SCCM, is that correct? Do you have Microsoft roadmap on Intune? Do you have comparison table btw Intune and SCCM?

I don’t think it’s an either or, it’s a better together. 



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