Azure Migrate Resources

Links to resources to accompany the five session webinar series on Azure Migrate

Module 1

Introducing the new Azure Migrate: A hub for your migration needs

Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Approaches to digital estate planning

Cloud rationalization

Align cost models with the digital estate to forecast cloud costs

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator

Azure pricing

Azure Cost Management

Align assets to prioritized workloads

Ensure the environment is prepared for the cloud adoption plan

Organize your Azure resources

Manage access to your Azure environment with role-based access controls

Landing zone considerations

Networking design decisions

Best practices to set up networking for workloads migrated to Azure

Compute design decisions

Storage design decisions

Create hybrid cloud consistency

FAQ about using Azure Database Migration Service

What is Azure Lighthouse?

Ready: Recommended naming and tagging conventions

Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints

Status of migration scenarios supported by Azure Database Migration Service

Module 2

Prepare VMware VMs for assessment and migration to Azure

About Azure Migrate

Assessment calculations in Azure Migrate

Migrate to Azure App Service

Support matrix for Hyper-V assessment and migration

Module 3

Mainframe rehosting on Azure virtual machines

Mainframe migration

Remove servers and disable protection

Migrate VMware VMs to Azure (agentless)

Migrate VMware VMs to Azure (agent-based)

Azure Storage scalability and performance targets for storage accounts

Microsoft Azure Storage performance and scalability checklist


Module 4

Azure Database Migration Guide

Overview of Database Experimentation Assistant

SQL Server Migration Assistant

Overview of Data Migration Assistant

Pre-migration steps for data migrations from MongoDB to Azure Cosmos DB’s API for MongoDB

Move Cassandra data to Azure Cosmos DB





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