AZ-301 Webinar Series Resources

Study Guide

Study resources for the AZ-301 Microsoft Azure Architect Design exam

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Module 1

Networking considerations for Azure AD Domain Services

Module 1 QA

Hybrid Modern Authentication overview

What is role-based access control (RBAC) for Azure resources?

Custom roles for Azure resources


Security Assertion Markup Language

Module 2

Using shared access signatures (SAS)

Shared Access Signatures, Part 2: Create and use a SAS with Blob storage

Azure Blob storage: Premium (preview), Hot, Cool, and Archive storage tiers

Designing a Scalable Partitioning Strategy for Azure Table Storage

Azure Search pricing

Consistency levels in Azure Cosmos DB

What is QnA Maker?

Deploy Azure File Sync

Module 2 QA

Use SQL Database advanced data security with virtual networks and near 100% compatibility

Choose the right SQL Server option in Azure

Feature comparison: Azure SQL Database versus SQL Server

Use auto-failover groups to enable transparent and coordinated failover of multiple databases

Azure SQL Database now supports transparent geographic failover of database groups

Module 3

Overview of Microsoft HPC Pack 2016

Deploy an HPC Pack 2016 cluster in Azure


Hyper-V to Azure disaster recovery architecture

Tutorial: Create and deploy highly available virtual machines with Azure PowerShell

Connect an on-premises network to Azure using ExpressRoute with VPN failover

Managing the Azure Blob storage Lifecycle (Preview)

What workloads can you protect with Azure Site Recovery?

Module 4


Terraform with Azure

What is Azure Policy?

Azure Building Blocks

Certify with Confidence

Traffic Manager

Traffic Manager routing methods

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