Prometric Shines…. not + new Article

So, Prometric’s brilliant online test booking system allowed me to book a beta exam on a day (10th of Jan) in a test center that wasn’t open. “Sorry, someone should have called you…..” Well they didn’t and my rebooked exam for the 12th didn’t exactly work out either – Brisbane CBD was closed down due to flooding. Ah, well, I’ll do the SBS 2011 exam in it’s real for when it comes out.

My article for 4Sysops on Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer is now live here.

Enjoy and thanks for reading

Small Business Server 2011 beta 1 review

As a small business consultant my professional life has revolved around Microsoft’s small business server for the last 10 years (ah, the joys of the console in SBS NT 4 – there were some real gremlins in there). You young ones have no idea…… But I digress…..

My focus on SBS may change over the next few years with these storm clouds coming but for now SBS 2011 Standard (the follow up to SBS 2008, everything on premise) with Win 08 R2, Exchange 2010 and SharePoint foundation 2010 is here.

My review of the beta (no changes expected in the RTM version) is now online at here.

Wish me luck on the SBS 2011 beta exam this coming Monday (10th of January).

Enjoy and thanks for reading

I believe in Santa

I was going to write a post about my wishes for IT Technology in 2011. One of my main wishes was tools and technologies to link Microsoft Virtual Machines to the cloud and transfer them there. But before I got around to writing that post, Santa responded. Turns out Microsoft are way ahead of me and are making a couple of very interesting tools.

Windows Azure Connect allows you to connect your computers to machines running in Microsoft’s cloud. As cool as that technology is, it’s impact pales in comparison to Microsoft Server Application Virtualization which essentially is App-V for servers. This is in some ways the last piece of the puzzle because it allows you to decouple the application from the underlying OS. So now you can move a server application from VM to VM without “reinstalling”. This is the way of the future and lays the ground work for the ultimate “IT on tap”. Any app can run on any server and be moved around at will.

There, Santa did deliver.

What else was I going to wish for? Oh just a cool tablet that didn’t run iOS but a real productivity OS. Oh well, maybe next year…..


Thanks for reading and have a Great Christmas and New Year!