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Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is a very important part of how to deploy and manage cloud resources in Azure going forward. I covered ARM here. Recently, Microsoft added ARM policies, a way to control where (which region), what type (VM, WebApp, Databases etc.), enforcing naming conventions and requiring deployments to have specific tags attached for tracking. It’s pretty cool, check it out here.

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Recently Microsoft really upped their game in cloud backup with the new MABS server. Previously, you could only backup volumes to Azure, no application backup, no VM awareness etc. By taking System Center Data Protection Manager and cutting out some features, there’s all of a sudden a very good backup tool for both on-premises and cloud backup. The only catch is that, unlike with DPM, even if you only backup to local disk with MABS, you pay per backed up server, per month. Read it here.

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My most recent Azure piece is now online at 4Sysops. I look at the new Azure Active Directory Domain Services that make it possible to host domain joined VMs in Azure IaaS without having to host VMs in Azure that are Domain Controllers from your own domain.

Read it here.

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My hand-on, performance based, testing of Chelsio RDMA 2 x 10 Gbps and 2 x 40 Gbps NICs article is now live on Read it here.

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This post covers what a shielded VM is in Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V for 4Sysops, based on the information presented at Ignite 2015 in the US. I look at how it works, what you need to use them and scenarios where Shielded VMs would make sense. Read it here.

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Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) is a very interesting technology, coming in the next version of Windows Server. Pooling the internal storage (SAS, SATA and NVMe) in each storage node together for performance and resiliency, this is another option for storage for Hyper-V (and presumably SQL Server). Read it here.

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After looking at Nano server for 4Sysops my article on what’s new in Windows Server TP2 for Hyper-V has just been published. This one covers only what’s new since TP1, including virtual TPM, shielded VMs, resiliency in clusters and PowerShell Direct. Read it here.

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Looking further into what was revealed at the Build and Ignite conferences last month Nano Server is starting to take more of a concrete shape. This tiny foot print Windows Server OS will be good as a Hyper-V and Scale Out File server infrastructure OS. My post on Nano is up on 4Sysops, read it here.

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I’ve done a couple of in-depth technical article looking at Azure for These are available here, here, here and here.

Recently published is part 1 of a new series that looks at Azure (with all the changes since those first articles were written incorporated) from a “real world” perspective. I take a fictitious company on their journey to a hybrid cloud, applying the technologies to their business problems. Part 1 covers setting up a virtual network, linking it to on-premises, how to think about administrative delegation and so forth. Read it here.

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Continuing my long running series on Azure at 4sysops, this time I look at Azure Active Directory, synchronising it with your on-premises Active Directory and the benefits it offers, as well as the Azure service Cloud App Discovery. This service (CAD?) inventories the cloud services in use in your network (commonly called Shadow IT) to help IT departments to actually know what’s happening instead of guessing. Read it here.

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