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Rounding off the Azure networking pieces is a post on Site to Site VPN networking between on-premises and Azure, along with a look at ExpressRoute on 4sysops. Read it here

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Part two of my series on Azure has been published over at 4sysops, this time I cover connecting your on-premises networks to your Azure virtual network – starting with Point to Site. Read it here.

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I’m starting a new series of “how-to” (as well as “why”) articles on Microsoft Azure for 4Sysops. The first part that covers creating virtual networks, both using the web GUI console and using PowerShell, as well as assigning fixed IP addresses to IaaS VMs is now live – read it here.

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A long time ago I reviewed a tool called PDT, PowerShell Deployment Toolkit for 4Sysops, (it’s a funny name since it doesn’t actually deploy PowerShell, it deploys System Center 2012 / 2012 R2). It’s now been furnished with a GUI by a couple of people in Germany and it works quite well – read all about it here.

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Splunk for 4Sysops

This is a new article of mine at 4Sysops where I look at Splunk – an interesting product for collecting and analysing large amounts of machine data efficiently. Read it here.

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This is the second and last article in my series on certification for 4sysops – this time I look at the different Microsoft certification paths that are available and share some personal experiences. Read it here.

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This is the first part in a two part series at 4sysops where I look at certification in general and Microsoft’s offering in particular. This part covers how to study as well as look at the value of certification for an IT Professional. Read it here.

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A couple of months ago I looked at System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager, Configuration Manager and Virtual Machine Manager for 4Sysops. Those three received quite a few improvements in the R2 release. This time I have a look at the other three parts of System Center and find that, apart from DPM, there was very few improvements in the products. Read it here.

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My look at Ops Manager 2012 R2 is now online at 4Sysops. This single post covers what’s new and what’s enhanced in the R2 version, read it here.

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In this final part I look at how Essentials 2012 R2 integrates with cloud services such as Office 365 and Azure backup. Read it here.

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